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Vertex CBD Vape Battery  01 Vertex CBD Vape Battery  02
$249.00 $304.00
Smart Vape Battery  01 Smart Vape Battery  02
$336.00 $416.00

Why choose preheat vape battery?
Preheat vape batteries are designed to warm up the oil in the cartridge before use, which can help improve the vaping experience. Preheating can help to reduce the viscosity of the oil, making it easier to vaporize and inhale. Some vape batteries come with a preheat function that can be activated by clicking the button twice. The preheat function typically lasts for 10-15 seconds, after which you can take a draw.
How to choose preheat battery?
When choosing a preheat battery, consider the following factors:
Compatibility: Ensure that the battery is compatible with your vape cartridge or tank. Most preheat batteries are designed to work with 510-threaded cartridges and tanks, but it’s always best to double-check before making a purchase.
Voltage: Preheat batteries come in different voltage levels. Higher voltage levels can produce more vapor, but they can also burn out your cartridge or tank faster. Lower voltage levels can help preserve the life of your cartridge or tank, but they may not produce as much vapor.
Preheat time: Look for a battery with a preheat function that lasts for at least 10-15 seconds. This will give your oil enough time to warm up and become less viscous, making it easier to vaporize and inhale.
Price: Preheat batteries are available at a range of price points. Consider how much you’re willing to spend and look for a battery that fits your budget.

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